Chære! I’m Marijn, and this is my personal website. I hope you’ll find something you like within these troves.

What’s new? η☾ Anth. χϟθ.δ / 6th Mar. 12021

Here’s a list of all the pages on my site. Don’t know where to start? Try the linkroll, my cassette deck, or my blog at The Garden.

De volgende pagina’s zijn vertaald in het Nederlands:

Okay, now it’s time for the boring bit where i credit everything i made this website with. This website was built and tested in Firefox and Vivaldi, neither of which i can recommend enough — Firefox if you want an independent browser that just works as it should, and Vivaldi if you’re a power user who wants the utmost control over your browsing experience. This site is hosted by the good people at Neocities, who have a very generous free tier, and the domain name was provided by Gandi, an ethical DNS provider located in France.

Fonts used include Paul D. Hunt’s Source Sans, Georg Duffner and Octavio Pardo’s EB Garamond, and Christian Thalmann’s Cormorant Garamond. Less commonly, you might see J. “Mach” Wust’s Unifraktur Cook, Pablo Impallari’s Caveat, and your computer’s local system fonts for English text. For foreign text, Yantek Iontef’s Frank Rühl Libre is used for Hebrew, Khaled Hosny’s Amiri is used for Arabic, Juan Pablo del Peral’s Sahyita is used for Devanagari, and Google’s Noto is used for everything else.

All of my original contributions to this site — which is most of it — are licenced under the CC0 public domain licence, meaning that you’re free to do whatever you want with them! The abovementioned fonts are licenced under the Open Font Licence, which lets you do anything except sell the fonts (and only the fonts). The background on this page is a photo by Michelle Tresemer under the Unsplash licence, which lets you do anything except sell the photos (and only the photos) or use them to set up a competing service.

If you’re still reading, here’s a compensatory old-style 88×31 button you can put on your site to link to me:

A button for my site

Established on the 14th day of August, 12017 HE
and the 6th day waning of Metageitnion, χϟθ.α AKO

Opgericht 14 augustus, 12017 HE
en de 6e dag krimpend van metageitnion, χϟθ.α AKO