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Well, someone was going to have to do it some day. This is my 100% objective, scientific ranking of (almost) every song The 1975 have ever put out; if you disagree then you must surely be wrong! Go and find some better opinions, dummy. 😤


Notes on a Conditional Form (for now)

Most of the (so far released) tracks from this album could easily slot in to the upper echelons of the rankings, to be honest— but i'd prefer to wait until the whole album is released, so i can judge the songs in their proper context.

There are 22 tracks on this thing, and i... need time to process all that. (Expect People and Too Shy to be high up.)

Drive Like I Do (and other unreleased things)

I'm only counting songs with official, non-bonus releases on this list. Sorry, 102 and Ghosts!


They're not actually their songs, innit?

Instrumental tracks

I like a lot of them! I had them ranked on here!

...Anyway, then Notes on a Conditional Form came out with three of them (which felt like way, way more) and i just could not be bothered with that

The 1975

ILIWYS > ABIIOR > Self-titled > NOACF

Three versions of the same prelude and a Greta Thunberg monologue. I'll pass.

The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme

This isn't because i consider it to be uniquely not-suitable-enough-to-be-counted-as-a-full-song, but because i have such conflicted feelings on its two individual parts. The Man Who Married A Robot's Siri voice gimmick works... exactly once, but Love Theme is a lovely relaxed instrumental[2]that they should stop shoving in the background of their songs whenever they need an ambient instrumental[a]yes this is a vaguepost about The Birthday Party that doubles as a wonderful prelude to concerts, but then again, Love Theme by itself wouldn't even qualify for a spot on the list... I just couldn't think of a suitable placing for it on the list, no matter how hard i tried. So here it lies in purgatory.

Now that we've been over that, let's get into the meat of the list.

53. Woman

The EPs and self-titled often suffer in hindsight, and this is the most prominent example. Strange production decisions, a deeply discomforting subject matter, and strange things in general all weigh this song down. It's the only 1975 song i always skip.

52. So Far (It's Alright)

I must say, i find the high-pitched twinkly synths Rather Annoying Indeed

51. Undo

50. Mine

I don't hate it, it's just not really my thing.

49. She Way Out

The debut album at its worst, and most debut-album-y: a bland song about a girl and also drugs i guess?

48. I Like America And America Likes Me

I would like it if they never tried to make an "homage to Soundcloud rap" again, please

47. Pressure

46. Inside Your Mind

45. This Must Be My Dream

44. Sincerity Is Scary

This could reallly do without the spoken-word outro thing.

43. She's American

I might not be too fond of the song, but it's a shame the video was never released (even in an unofficial capacity).

42. Paris

I just.... don't really care for the synthesizer-heavy version that's featured on When You Sleep. If they ever put the acoustic version on an album, though, this would probably shoot up the ranking by a good hex places or so!

41. Anobrain

40. Surrounded By Heads And Bodies

This is somewhat mediocre when taken as an isolated track, but i don't think Inquiry would be quite complete without it— it ties in to that record's themes perfectly.

39. Settle Down


38. Heart Out

Decent song with an adorable video.

37. Milk

...Do hidden tracks count? I don't care. It's much better live than in studio.

36. Haunt // Bed

35. She Lays Down

34. Girls

It gets creepier and creepier every passing year, and i'm quite glad it got taken off the setlist. (On the plus side, my bisexual ass could NOT cope with the music video)

33. Loving Someone

Not sure what's up with the weird spoken word / rap break... thing. The staging is brilliant, although i'm also unsure what it has to do with the actual topic of the song? Whatever, my queer heart is satisfied

32. Chocolate

Not great, not terrible.

31. M.O.N.E.Y.

30. Talk!

This song is so, so much better than people give it credit for! It's an island in the sea of the debut album's series of samey songs about sex and drugs.

29. Nana

28. UGH!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Le gamers are gamer gamer gamer somenody told gamer. ion decisions, a deeply discomforting subject matter, and strange things in general.

27. A Change of Heart

eat your heart out, todd philips

(i haven't figured out how to get the image to stay in the box, so this is me padding it out to get it to fit)

26. Medicine

25. I Couldn't Be More In Love

24. If I Believe You

It sounds beautiful, even if it is just "Matt Healy moans about religion for 6 minutes".

23. The Ballad of Me and My Brain

Matt Healy has a mental breakdown in musical form, and i am here for it.

22. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?

I didn't get it, but then i read what the lyrics were about. I can't imagine the pain Matty and Louis were going through at the time... Unlike many other early tracks, the imperfections work to the song's advantage.

21. Menswear

20. fallingforyou


19. The City

Album > EP

18. Head.Cars.Bending

It reminds me of Charli XCX's Gone, in a weird way, with the explosive chorus and bassy electronic backing.

17. Love Me

16. How To Draw / Petrichor

Two beautiful electronic tracks that deserve to be up this high, although i'm fairly sure Petrichor may actually be three Idioteques in a trenchcoat.


well i like it

14. Be My Mistake

It's like Woman, but actually good!

13. Love It If We Made It

THANK YOU KANYE, VERY COOL is either the worst or best lyric ever etched to vinyl, depending on how you want to look at it.

12. Antichrist

Antichrist has gained almost mythical status, primarily because it's never been played live. (But also because it's a bloody good song)

11. Give Yourself A Try

remember when we thought this was the most intense song they'd ever write? good times

10. Sex

Album version > EP version

9. Robbers

7. & 8. Lostmyhead & Facedown

Gosh, these are ranked much higher than their cousins all the way up there, aren't they? I wasn't fully sold on Lostmyhead until i saw it live for the first time. I don't know if it was just the atmosphere or something different in how it was played, but the layered sounds and staging all combined into an utterly enchanting experience.

Lostmyhead is a sequel of sorts to Facedown, a more ethereal song that marks the very start of The 1975's discography. It's special, in a way, and has held up remarkably well in a way many of the other early tracks haven't.

5. & 6. Me & You

These songs, especially Me, are dark as hell, and are (along with Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack)[3]I suppose Everywhere at the end of time counts too, if you accept that a 6-hour long ambient concept album about dementia can be classified as a "song"? some of the only songs to ever succeed at making me cry. Bravo.

4. It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

A song about a crippling heroin addiction has no business being this fun and catchy! In the words of Matt Healy himself, scholar of our times:

The new The 1975 single is the 1975iest The 1975 song since The 1975's first album The 1975

I really must agree with his assessment.

3. I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

This is one of those songs that feels like it's been around forever. It's comforting in a way— it's helped me in my darkest moments, there to remind me that there's always a better way.

Your death, it won't happen to you
It happens to your family and your friends
I refuse

2. The Sound

I will admit, i have somewhat of a bias towards this song, and the album in general. When You Sleep was the first album of theirs i listened to, and even before that, i found out about them from hearing The Sound on a year-end list from Todd in the Shadows. But even taking all that into account...

...I think The Sound might legitimately be the catchiest song i've ever heard? It has such an infectious synthpop hook; it's by far my most played track on Google Play Music, and i often find myself humming it while idle. IT'S SO GOOD

1. Somebody Else

You knew it was coming. It might be the obvious pick, but sometimes, the obvious is also the best. Somebody Else is a lush soundscape of melancholic lyrics that makes for one hell of a journey from start to finish; although it's almost six minutes in length, it certainly doesn't feel like it.

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