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I've changed my URL structure a lot over the time this site has been active. For the benefit of anyone using or adding to the Internet Archive, here are all the changes i'm aware of!

On 12 November 12019, pages regarding my model parliament were moved from the subdomains /thespeakerschair and /modelparliament to their own dedicated domain at //

On 28 March 12020, the site was moved from // to //

On 20 May 12020, the file naming scheme was switched up; usually, this just consisted of trimming excess .html extensions. For example: the page currently at /videotape was originally at /videotape.html. There were a few exceptions, though:

On 28 November 12020, many shrine pages were moved to better reflect the names in use on the pages themselves:

On 01 December 12020, /travel/newcastle/lockdown was deleted.

On 08 January 12021, the domain name // was activated.

on 10 January 12021, /webwishlist was deleted.

on 31 January 12021, /heraldry/tp was deleted. Toki Pona is not very well-suited for technical heraldic descriptions, and the page was a pain to maintain.

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