What i believe

In terms of faith, any pious perſon ſhould query themſelf at leaſt once as to what they believe, and why; ſo, that is what i have done here. Note that this page will change with time as i receive new information and incorporate it into my belief and practice; i wouldn't have it any other way.

All Gods, ſpirits, dæmonès, &c. are aſpects of a greater Divinity. What form It takes, i've no idea, and i wouldn't be particularly able to comprehend It anyway.

This does not negate the exiſtence of the Gods as diſtinct Entities with Their own preſences and perſonalities; no more, at leaſt, than the exiſtence of a foreſt negates the exiſtence of each individual tree.

Gods of other faiths exiſt; to deny this as a polytheïſt is futile. I worſhip the Hellenic Theoi not becauſe They are the only Gods who deſerve worſhip, but becauſe i feel the cloſeſt connection to Them and Their mythoi: i have little hiſtory with, ſay, the Æsir, Devas, Netjeru, & al., have not (to my know­ledge) felt Their calling at any point, and know almoſt nothing about Their reſpective cultures' practices — to worſhip Them would be inappropriate.

The mind and ſoul is where the veil between the material and ſpiritual is weakeſt. It is eaſier for the ſpiritual to influence the mind than effect material change, and contrariwiſe, the mind is the moſt powerful tool for interfacing with the ſpiritual. Worſhip is beſt practiced via a ſynergy of both the mental and phyſical — ritual followed by meditation, for example, or directing mental energy towards phyſical purſuits.

After death, the ſoul is given time to reflect on the life it has lived and hear prayers from its deſcendants, before moving on and being reïncarnated into its next life.