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Basa de Dunya



The base form of the noun is the singular. Plurals can be formed by appending -es, or, if the base form ends in a vowel or a nasal consonant, -s.


Adjectives come before the noun they modify.

Novel adjectives can be formed by adding the suffix -ni (from the Russian ный -nyy) to a root word.


The default tense for a verb is the present. Tense can be changed by adding a particle or particles before the verb:

  • Default: Present
  • bi: Continuous
  • wa: Past tense
  • sa: Future tense


Word order

Basa de Dunya uses the subject, verb, object word order in sentences.

Mi it tufahas.
/mi it tʰuˈfahas/
mi it tufaha-s
1s eat apple-PL
I eat apples.