The EqualA is a basemap for historical and allohistorical maps using the Equal Earth projection. It has a size of 1,802 pixels wide by 878 pixels high and a centre meridian at 11°15′ east.

Infrequently asked questions

Why another basemap?

The previous WorldA and Qbam standards had no real projection, making them infamous for their inability to have maps easily resized to fit them. For the first time, the EqualA has a beautiful and consistent equal-area projection: all you have to do to fit is slot your basemap into Qgis and reproject. 💜

I’m { Ukrainian | Azeri | Serbian | Argentinian | Indian | Pakistani | Cypriot | Mauritian | Venezuelan }. Why did you draw the borders of my country like that?

The EqualA maps on this page aim to represent the states of the world as they de facto are, not as they de jure should be under any particular country’s laws.

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Page created: 2021·04·05
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