7AM puzzles

I thought i might as well use the ability to schedule posts in the future to my advantage, so here are some anagrams for you to unscramble. Maybe this’ll keep you all occupied for a few minutes. Some of these are, of course, (much) easier than others.

second cities

  1. was sane
  2. her bud, gin
  3. scowl at net
  4. them can rest
  5. dry loon nerd
singers for ac/dc

  1. “avowed”, ibid.
  2. an uncurled cane
  3. rude ferry medic
  4. tomgirls join a rebel
heads of state

  1. waning site
  2. trumpland VIII
  3. communal-era men
  4. zen heal: be quiet
  5. jibe: “rotten Eden bishop!”
in their prime

  1. elect me at lent
  2. the great ram chart
  3. a gold delivery god
  4. branch met an evil “hail!” ruler
  5. anarchy in the Lords? all bonny

Answers on a postcard in the comments, please.

2 thoughts on “7AM puzzles

  1. Ræl says…

    Right now all I can make out is:
    AC/DC: 3. Freddie Mercury
    Heads of State: 2. Vladimir Putin (lol)

    [Marijn writes: These are correct.]

  2. Marijn says…

    The rest of the answers, for anyone who’s curious:

    Open to reveal

    second cities: 1) Swansea, 2) Edinburgh, 3) Castletown, 4) Manchester, 5) Londonderry

    singers for ac/dc: 1) David Bowie, 2) Duncan Laurence, 4) Freddie Mercury, 5) Billie Joe Armstrong

    heads of state: 1) Tsai Ing-wen, 2) Vladimir Putin, 3) Emmanuel Macron, 4) Queen Elizabeth, 5) Joseph Robinette Biden

    in their prime: 1) Clement Attlee, 2) Margaret Thatcher, 3) David Lloyd George, 4) Arthur Neville Chamberlain, 5) Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair

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