My vinyl record collection

I only started listening to music on vinyl recently, so my collection isn’t much, but it’ll grow! This list is sorted by the One True Order: alphabetically by artist, then chronologically by release date for albums by that artist.

Album title Artist Release date Format Acquisition date Source Vinyl colour Length Gatefold? RPM Feelies Notes
The 1975 The 1975 2013·09·02 LP×2 2020 Amazon Clear 50′ 41″ Yes 33⅓ N/A There’s this nasty little crick near the end of Disc 2 that makes an awful bumping noise every two seconds. Awful. Just awful.
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it The 1975 2016·02·26 LP×2 2020 Reflex Clear 73′ 55″ Yes 33⅓ N/A The sound quality degrades horribly the closer you get to the inside of the record. The perils of clear vinyl — and it ruins my favourite song, too!
A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships The 1975 2018·11·30 LP×2 2020 Reflex White 58′ 26″ Yes 33⅓ Lyrics sheet
Notes on a Conditional Form The 1975 2020·05·22 LP×2 2020 Reflex (online store) Clear 80′ 30″ Yes 33⅓ N/A The packaging is made out of cardboard, with the album cover being printed directly onto it.
Doom Days Bastille 2019·06·14 LP 2019·12·25 Gift Black 40′ 00″ No 33⅓ N/A
Charli Charli XCX 2019·09·13 LP×2 2020 HMV Newcastle Black 50′ 53″ Yes 45 N/A
Chris Christine and the Queens 2018·09·21 LP×2 2021·04·27 HMV Newcastle Black 44′ 28″ Yes 33⅓ Lyrics sheet, CD copy of album
The Bones of What You Believe Chvrches 2013·09·20 LP 2021 Reflex (online store) Black 48′ 00″ No 33⅓ N/A
Love is Dead Chvrches 2018·05·25 LP 2019·12·25 Gift Translucent blue 49′ 09″ Yes 33⅓ N/A
Hansa Session Chvrches 2018·11·09 10″ EP 2019·12·25 Gift Black 18′ 53″ No 33⅓ N/A
When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Billie Eilish 2019·03·29 LP 2020 HMV Newcastle Copper 42′ 48″ Yes 33⅓ N/A
Hypersonic Missiles Sam Fender 2019·09·13 LP 2020 HMV Newcastle Black 48′ 21″ Yes 33⅓ N/A
In Colour Jamie XX 2015·05·29 LP 2020·05·04 Gift Black 42′ 44″ No 33⅓ CD copy of album I don’t own a CD player. It probably would have been a more affordable hobby… Also, the cover is die-cut, with the colour of the record sleeve being visible underneath.
Spirit Phone Lemon Demon 2016·02·29 LP×2 2020 Needlejuice Records (online store) Red and black “demon eyes” 59′ 17″ Yes 33⅓ Lyrics sheet I paid 60 bloody quid to import this from the States. Side C ends with a locked groove playing back a loop of people laughing; it also marks the end of the album proper, with Side D being filled with bonus tracks.
I’m All Ears Let’s Eat Grandma 2018·06·29 LP×2 2021·04·14 HMV Newcastle Black 51′ 27″ No 45 N/A
Zeros Declan McKenna 2020·09·04 LP 2020 Amazon Black 40′ 26″ No 33⅓ N/A Amazon was my last resort — every record shop in the city only seemed to have the picture disc version in stock, and i refused to sully my collection with one of those.
Earth Ed O’Brien 2020·04·17 LP 2021·05·04 Gift Black 46′ 00″ Yes 33⅓ Signed postcard from Ed, concept art and holiday photos, lyrics sheet
No One Else Can Wear Your Crown Oh Wonder 2020·02·07 LP 2020 HMV Newcastle White 30′ 41″ Yes 33⅓ Lyrics sheet, art book
The Bends Radiohead 1995·03·13 LP 2020·12·25 Gift Black 48′ 37″ No 33⅓ N/A
OK Computer (OKNotOK 1997 2017) Radiohead 1997·05·21 LP×3 2020·05·04 Gift Black 91′ 39″ Yes 33⅓ N/A Rereleased 2017·06·23 — i figured listing it under the original release date made more sense with regard to the One True Order. Sides are, oddly, numbered “ip”, “skip”, “sky”, “blue”, “who’s”, “it”.
Kid A Radiohead 2000·10·02 LP×2 2020 Reflex Black 49′ 56″ Yes 33⅓ N/A Sides are numbered “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”, “Delta”
Hail to the Thief Radiohead 2003·06·09 LP×2 2020 Reflex (online store) Black 56′ 35″ Yes 45 N/A
In Rainbows Radiohead 2007·10·10 LP 2021·05·04 Gift Black 42′ 39″ No 33⅓ N/A
The King of Limbs Radiohead 2011·02·18 LP 2021·05·04 Gift Black 37′ 34″ No 33⅓ N/A
A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead 2016·05·08 LP×2 2020 Reflex (online store) Black 52′ 31″ Yes 33⅓ N/A
Sucker Punch Sigrid 2019·03·08 LP 2020 Gift Floral(!) splatter 40′ 23″ No 33⅓ Lyrics sheet
Glitterbug The Wombats 2015·04·13 LP 2021·04·27 HMV Newcastle Purple 39′ 31″ Yes 33⅓ Lyrics sheet
Anima Thom Yorke 2019·06·27 LP×2 2020·12·25 Gift Orange 52′ 42″ Book 33⅓ Art book, lyrics sheets This is the Deluxe Edition, which comes in a fuck-off-big book with big lyrics sheets for each song, plentiful concept art, and a bonus song (“Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming”) that doesn’t appear on digital versions.

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