what songs are hot on the ’net?

The NEOcharts is the up-and-coming music chart showing what’s hot on the ’net, sourced from the data of dozens of fellow netizens. It comes in two parts: the NEOhot 20, showing which singles people are banging around the world, and the NEOtop 15, showing what albums people just can’t get enough of. If you have a fun personal website, you can join in too! Details are below the chart…

THE NEOhot 20 - COMING SOON 2021

Pos. Chg. Song Peak Pts. Biggest fan
1 NEW The Neophytes - A Mongoose In Real Life 1 28 Joost (fm)
2 ▲12 Just Kidding - (These Songs) They Ain’t Real 2 24 Julian (fm)
3 ▼2 Dolorem and the Ipsums - Blah Blah Blah… (and more) 1 22 Isabet (fm)

How to join the NEOcharts

You can join in the fun if you have a fun personal website — that is, one which isn’t primarily trying to sell something or get people to hire you — and an account on, a music recommending-and-data-tracking website.

Got all that? Just send an email to with your website and account, or, if you’re on Neocities, comment on my profile page on there with your account. Simple as!

(Do note that your website and account will be listed publicly.)

The nitty gritty

The 15 most streamed songs on each participants’s page are assigned a point value, from 15 points for the №1 to 1 point for the №15. These point values are added together to yield each song or album’s total score, which is then used to rank them.

Ties are broken first by which song has the most total streams among participants, and then by total streams across

Current participants