your internet communion


Bennington Church of Christ (Profile)
The website of a non-denominational church in Bennington, Vermont.
Random Bible Notes (Profile)
Largely what it says on the can. Includes some Apocrypha.
Jason’s Annotated Bible (Profile) Mobile compatible!
An online Bible, with annotations — check the buttons in the top right to enable them.
Matthew 5–7 (Profile)
A collection of resources related to Christian socialism.
RMS Ministries (Profile) Mobile compatible!
“This ministry exists to publish apologetic, polemic and theological writings exalting the person and work of the the Lord Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Holy Scriptures.”
Son of Man (Profile)
Articles about “what Jesus really taught” and against “Churchianity”.


Raven Cain (Profile)
A small collection of pages devoted to “helping others study the Holy Qur’an and learn about what it is to be Muslim”.
Scheherazade’s Niche (Profile) Mobile compatible!
An encyclopædia of female Islamic saints.


Sikhism Guide (Profile)
It is what it says on the can.


Interactive Torah from Liz Shayne (Profile)
Interactive shiurim, built in Twine. Can a robot convert to Judaism?
Jewish SCA (Profile)
Mediæval Jewish resources for roleplayers.
The List (Profile)
“The Shocking Truth about Gentiles and Communism!”
Zikhroynes (Profile)
“an exploration of jewish ethnic identity and ancestral history through digital collage.”


Brynhild (Profile)
Germanic. “A personal blog about Norse myths, Germanic culture, paganism/heathenry, and maybe sometimes other topics.”
The button of Brynhild
A Labyrinth (Profile)
Hellenic. “In the midst of your long journey, you come across the entrance of a labyrinth.”
The Nexus (Profile)
Eclectic. Contains a “cathedral ward” with shrines to Hellenic goddesses and some pop-cultural figures.
Sons of Zeus (Profile)
Hellenic. A worshipper of Zeus and his sons, focusing on the divine masculine.
The Temple of Three (Profile)
Celtic. A virtual temple built in honour of a tritheon of Celtic deïties.


Hearth and Horn (Profile)
“A traditional Witchcraft for people who dislike gender, sex, and reproduction”.
HedgeWytchery (Profile)
The cottage of a “HedgeWytch”, including cartomancy, songs, glossaries, and more.
Ollie’s Webpage (Profile)
The website of a death-positive Witch worshipping a few Hellenic deïties.
Tiger Rainstorm’s Book of Shadows (Profile)
Includes a spell for finding your parked car.