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In honour of Hermaphroditos


Patron & Matron of all who lie betwixt the ┼┐exes

A mosaïc depicting Hermaphroditos.
A pond whose waters are coloured blue and pink.

And legend has it that if one finds himself ┼┐tepping into the waters, he will be ble┼┐sed with androgyny

A waving transgender flag.

Re┼┐pect the flag or get out!

Ema┼┐culate ┬Ě I Want To Break Free ┬Ě Tran┼┐gender Dy┼┐phoria Blues ┬Ě Tous les m├¬mes

Ble┼┐sed 12020.04.25, refre┼┐hed 12020.08.16

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