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Is Britain running out of Conservatives?

Marijn van Hoorn
Come campaign, debate, and legislate on XO's Model British Parliament

No. Not real life’s Britain, anyway. But if you like the idea of pretending to debate, vote, argue, legislate, and fight for power on the internet, then might i interest you in joining XO’s Model British Parliament? It’s a Discord-based parliamentary simulation that i helped set up,α and we’re about to hold a by-election. Truth is, we’re short on people, no matter whether you’re a Labourite, a Tory, a Lib Dem, a nationalist, or a Monster Raving Looney — so if you want to give it a try, why not run to debate in the upcoming election?

You can find more information about XOMBP on its website, or you can jump straight in by joining the Discord server. Have fun!

(I can’t believe i’d degrade this blog by posting an advertisement…)

Serendipitous words

Marijn van Hoorn

Good evening! Just today i serendipitously happened upon three interesting words, in three different places. In the spirit of the Compendium, i thought i’d share them with you.

  • knackerman: One who slaughters and redners worn out farm animals and sells their flesh, bone, and hide. Found in an article in the Guardian.
  • scofflaw: (particularly in the United States) One who habitually violates minor laws and does not answer to court summonses. Found while idly leafing through the Economist’s style guide. (I had nothing better to do…)
  • xertz: To gobble or gulp down quickly and greedily. Found while idly browsing the internet.


Marijn van Hoorn

My opa died last night.

He and Oma both caught the coronavirus. Only one of them made it.

He’d been having a spell of heart problems. He was on a lot of medication towards the end. I can only hope he went peacefully.

He teased me a lot. But i loved him nonetheless.

He had a model train set in the attic. I like to think i inherited the train nerdery from him, even if he wasn’t my biological grandfather.

I only got to see him every year or so, ever since i moved to the UK.

Well. Except last year.

I never even got to say goodbye.

Poor Oma, too… she’s had to bury two husbands.

His funeral will be streamed on Tuesday. I don’t know if i can bear to go. Part of me knows it’s not the same as a real funeral. Part of me knows i can’t bear to see everyone else’s sadness. But part me knows i’ll regret it in the future if i don’t.

I miss him a lot.

Links for the 7th of April

Marijn van Hoorn