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October 12020 in the rear view mirror

Marijn van Hoorn

October has come and gone, which means this nightmare of a year must be almost over. 'Twas a tumultuous month for my personal life, but fuck me if i'm revealing any details about that; you get a selectiveα breakdown of my media habits instead.

Media consumded during the October


  • Rian Johnson's Knives Out (12019): A charming whodunnit with a wonderful cast, although my viewing experience was soured somewhat because the TV i watched it on made it look like a video game cutscene. (B-)
  • Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead (12004): Watched it with some friends over Discord. Many, many covid jokes were made… (A-)
  • Stephen Soderbergh's Contagion (12011): Well-crafted, well-shot, and eerily prescient. It made me want to hug my family. (B+)β


  • Dorian Electra's My Agenda (12020): Hilarious and hard-going hits satirising homophobia and incel culture. Featuring Rebecca Black and the lyrics “we're out here turning frogs homosexual”. (B)
  • Beige Monk's A Recounting of a Dream…γ (12018): I could only really vibe with half of this beauti­ful psyche­delic mess, but “I Can Be Yr Neptune” has been lodged in my head ever since i first heard it, so it has that going for it. Also, the artist has a Neocities site, which is how i found out about them! (C)


  • Jon Bois' 20020: The long-awaited sequel to 17776, and … i don't really like it. It's nice to see these characters again, and the mechanics of the college football game seem interesting, but the actual sport was always my least favourite part of the original, and that's pretty much all there is here. Sorry, Mr. Bois. (D)
  • Fredrik Knudsen's Down the Rabbit Hole: “Deep Blue”: The fascinating story of a student who made the world's best chess computer. (C)
  • Emmanuel Dzotsi's “America's Hottest Talk­line”, for Reply All: What's going on with a mysterious phone sex company that keeps taking over government hotlines? (B-)