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Some new features

Marijn van Hoorn
A screenshot of the Garden, showcasing various themes.

Hello again! This post is just a quick technical update to show off some new features on the site, both of which you can find in the sidebar.

The first is a theme switcher! Originally this was just going to be adding a dark mode, but in the end i decided to expand it to four others. You can see them all in the screenshot above.

The other is a way to toggle the long s (ſ) on and off; i use it when talking about religion for... reasons... but i know some people find it annoying. So, now you can turn it off; or, if you're a masochist, keep it on forever.

Planned for the future™ are a Blogger-style sorting of the archive into years and months, and potentially webmentions, if i can figure out how to implement them — although i'm not altogether fond of the idea of restricting comments to just people with their own websites...