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Welcome to the Garden

Marijn van Hoorn
A garden path along a canal.
Christchurch Botanical Gardens. Public domain photo by Bernard Spragg.

Welcome, one and all, to The Garden! This blog will serve as a repository for... well, whatever i feel like having it serve as a repository for. There is a certain subcategory of topics that are not deserving of a full page of the site, as they would quickly fade from relevance, but not brief enough to be yelled into the void. Thus, The Garden was creäted, as a place where i can discuss these sorts of things at my own pace and pleasure.

Topics discussed will probably include religious matters, jaunts out (when they happen, as is so rare under quarantine), the wider Internet, and whatever springs to mind, really. I hope my ramblings are enjoyable to you all.

How It's Made: The Garden

This site was put together with Eleventy, my first time using a static site generator. This probably could have been a lot easier than i made it, but i wanted the option to shift around the composition of my site over time, and having the post archive be in the sidebar, Blogger-style, was non-negotiable, as was the ability to add sidenotes.α So, faffing around with an SSG it was.

It was also a useful learning exercise, and who knows? Maybe i can apply my newfound SSG skills and Atom-fu to some of my log pages one of these days...

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Chære!