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Marijn van Hoorn

Hello! This post is gonna be pretty low on actual content, but i just wanted to notify everyone reading of some small changes to this garden's CSS.

First of all, the archives in the sidebar should now be much more readable and browsable: they've been collapsed down by month, in the style of Blogger blogs, and the text is smaller to creäte visual hiërarchy and make the post titles take up less space.

Secondly (and hopefully invisibly), the web-fonts loaded with the site have been slashed in size by half with the power of subsetting, meaning that all sorts of extraneous Unicode characters have been cut out. I'm working on a way to load custom fonts if the content of a post needs it, so watch out for that…

Finally, links outside of the site should now have neat little icons next to them showing where they're going. Wikipedia, Bandcamp, Bookshop and more should all be showing fancy icons after links out to them.

That's all for now. Chære!