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Winter is upon us

Marijn van Hoorn
Frost on a window-pane
Photo by Karl Baron (12010), licenced under CC-BY 2.0

I woke up this morning to the sight of the first frost of the year outside my window. People have started listening to Christmas music, it’s getting chillier, and i permanently feel like i could go for a hot chocolate, which can only mean one thing: winter is well and truly upon us.

Summer has its benefits, and autumn might have a nice æsthetic, but winter is (in my humblest of opinions) the comfiest season of the year. Hunkering down at home or going outside in a warm coat, light white snow falling around you, everyone celebrating their solstice-adjacent holidays of choice…α Summer could never hold a candle.


  • I watched The Social Network (12010, dir. David Fincher) the other night, and while it was very tighly written/shot/scored/directed/&c., good lord, apart from a single character in the framing device, the women in this film only ever exist as props for the male leads.
  • Archie Thomas, a runner from Wiltshire, accidentally discovered a new variety of apple while on a run.
  • Northern Rail have finally scrapped their last Pacers. (For the non-Britons in the audience, Pacers are these awful cheap trains that were meant to be phased out 20 years ago; they were designed to use recycled bus bodies and were distinctly uncomfortable to be on.)