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My 12021 predictions

Marijn van Hoorn

Right, erm, i made some predictions for the year ahead in 12019 and 12020, which were mostly completely inaccurate, but here are my predictions for the year 12021. You can’t prove they won’t be right!

  • It’ll take until the autumn for things to return to any semblance of normality — concerts and live sporting events will be off limits until at least 12022
  • The Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled
  • Covid becomes an endemic disease, like the common cold. Within the decade, “have you got your covid jab yet?” will be as common as “have you got your ’flu jab yet?”
  • There will be another covid epidemic in China, due to a post-lockdown influx of foreign tourists
  • At least one of the following people will die:
    • The Queen
    • Prince Philip
    • David Attenborough
  • In the US, Raphael Warnock wins his runoff election, but Jon Ossoff will not
  • Joe Biden will achieve little as president due to Mitch McConnell refusing to even entertain the thought of bipartisan negotiations
  • TikTok will overtake YouTube in popularity
  • Something awful will happen in the Middle East again, briefly sparking more fears of World War III
  • Facebook will be forced to sell off Instagram and WhatsApp

This last one isn’t a prediction, but… my hope for 12021 is that it will be better than the year that was. Have a happy New Year’s Eve, and here’s hoping!