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Things i’ve learnt since enabling analytics

Marijn van Hoorn

I added some rudimentary analytics to my site the other week, and i’ve learnt some things about my regular readers.

Firstly: About two-fifths of you are, shockingly, US-Americans, with a plurality of those hailing from Florida. About a quarter of you are British — i really must do more to get that percentage up. Maybe i’ll start incessantly writing local interest articles about the Tyne and Wear Metro.

The rest of you are from various other countries, primarily France. I’ve no idea why French people seem to like my site; maybe it’s because a French blog linked to me once? There’s a decent smattering of Germans, Canadians, and Aotearoans; the rest of the numbers are too minuscule to attribute to anything more than statistical noise.

A quarter or so of you are reading on your phone, which makes me very glad that i bothered to prioritise mobile support. A sizeable majority of you are using Windows; Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux are all on roughly equal footing.

People really seemed to like that post i made about backslashes — it’s even been passed around by private email a bit! I am, to be honest, a little bit annoyed about this, because i hate the thought of becoming a Technology Person, and would much rather go and live in the woods than ever have to learn what a monad or a closure is.

I’ve learnt all i need to know about what devices and browsers people use, and have turned tracking for those off. All i know now is what pages people have browsed, where they came from, and — to satisfy my own personal curiosity — which country they’re browsing from.

“January 12021 in the rear view mirror” will be coming soon. Chære now!