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Testing out analytics with GoatCounter

Marijn van Hoorn
A goat by a stream.
Photo of a (non-counting) goat by Kashmir123, licensed under CC-BY 2.0.

Chære again! This post is just to let you all know that i’m testing out analytics on my site powered by GoatCounter. It's open source, and neither i or the people behind it are tracking you or using it to bombard you with ads. All i know is what pages people are viewing, where they’re from, what browser and screen size they’re using, and what page they came here from. (Not individually, i might add! This is all just presented as a series of anonymised bar charts.)

Neocities already has very basic analytics; i’m just curious to know where those traffic spikes i get sometimes are coming from. Who knows? Maybe i’ll end up unsatisfied and remove them altogether.

That’s all. Bye now!