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A moon truther’s letter to Neil Armstrong

Marijn van Hoorn

Via, as taken from James R. Hansen’s A Reluctant Icon: Letters to Neil Armstrong: a letter sent by a schoolteacher to Neil Armstrong accusing him of faking the Apollo 11 moon landing.

August 1, 2000

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

The least I could do was send a card for your 70th birthday, however over 30 years on from the pathetic TV broadcast when you fooled everyone by claiming to have walked upon the Moon, I would like to point out that you, and the other astronauts, are making yourselfs [sic] a worldwide laughing stock, thanks to the Internet.

Perhaps you are totally unaware of all the evidence circulating the globe via the Internet. Everyone now knows the whole saga was faked, and the evidence is there for all to see. We know the pictures have pasted backgrounds, who composed the pictures, and how the lunar landing and Moon walks were simulated at Langley Research Centre, in addition to why NASA faked Apollo.

Maybe you are one of those pensioners who do not surf the Internet, because you know precious little about how it works. May I suggest you visit [website withheld] to see for yourself how ridiculous the Moon landing claim looks 30 years on.

As a teacher of young children, I have a duty to tell them history as it truly happened, and not a pack of lies and deceit.

[Name withheld]

Incredibly, Armstrong — having received the letter on his 70th birthday, no less — found the time to respond to the sceptical schoolteacher:

Mr. Whitman,

Your letter expressing doubts based on the skeptics and conspiracy theorists mystifies me.

They would have you believe that the United States Government perpetrated a gigantic fraud on its citizenry. That the 400,000 Americans who worked on an unclassified program are all complicit in the deception, and none broke ranks and admitted their deceit.

If you believe that, why would you contact me, clearly one of those 400,000 liars?

I trust that you, as a teacher, are an educated person. You will know how to contact knowledgeable people who could not have been party to the scam.

The skeptics claims that the Apollo flights did not go to the moon. You could contact the experts from other countries who tracked the flights on radar (Jodrell Bank in England or even the Russian Academicians).

You should contact the Astronomers at Lick Observatory who bounced their laser beam off the Lunar Ranging Reflector minutes after I installed it. Or, if you don’t find them persuasive, you could contact the astronomers at the Pic du Midi observatory in France. They can tell you about all the other astronomers in other countries who are still making measurements from these same mirrors — and you can contact them.

Or you could get on the net and find the researchers in university laboratories around the world who are studying the lunar samples returned on Apollo, some of which have never been found on earth.

But you shouldn’t be asking me, because I am clearly suspect and not believable.

Neil Armstrong

Personally, i’ve always preferred Buzz Aldrin’s response.

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