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January 12021 in the rear view mirror

Marijn van Hoorn

January has come and gone, markedly more quickly than the last — i suppose because everything still feels like March of 12020. I cannot tell a lie, dear reader, and between lockdown 3.0 and the drudgery of telepresence education, it wasn’t the greatest month for my mental health.

It was a good month for blogging, though. January has easily been the most prolific month for posts on The Garden, with 18(!) posts to its nameα, compared to December’s 12, November’s 10, and October’s measly 5 posts. Lockdown probably helped with bumping up the pace, and i finally feel like i’m getting into the swing of things — no longer does every post break something minor that i’d forgotten to add. Maybe i’ll keep up the pace; maybe i won’t. We’ll see.

Also, i bought a domain name, and i’m still absolutely chuffed about it. I’ve started using it for signups and stuff, too… the tyranny of ProtonMail and Gmail is finally coming to an end.

My seasonal theme is going alright for myself. The attack on the Capitol early on in the month threw a wrench in my plans not to read as much international news,β but i’ve successfully abstained from any sort of doomscrolling or general “noooo we’re all going to die”-ism. I’m counting that as a win.

My media diet

I didn’t consume much media this month, to be honest; i was too concerned by meatspace worries. The media i did let in, though, was pretty good…

  • Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia (12020): I do not use these words lightly, but this is Carly Rae Jepsen-tier Good Pop Music. (A-)
  • Taylor Swift’s Folklore (12020): I think there are enough thinkpieces about this album to cover literally every opinion someone could possibly have on it, and as such, i have nothing more to say. (A-)
  • MGMT’s Little Dark Age (12018): I confess that i only gave this album a (re)listen after seeing a meme on Youtube with a song from it in the background. Sue me. (B-)
  • Craig Mazin and HBO/Sky’s Chernobyl (12019): I mean, holy shit. This was brilliant, captivating, beautiful, and terrifying. I got chills down my spine every time they showed the inside of the reäctor. “His face was gone.” (A+)

I started watching Netflix’s Dark the other day. I’m only 2 episodes in, though, so i couldn’t possibly give a proper judgment or rating. That’ll have to wait until February…

My top ten songs of the month, according to

No. Artist Song ≈Streams
1. Dua Lipa Hallucinate 15
2. Dua Lipa Levitating 13
3. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande Rain on Me 12
4. MGMT Me and Michael 8
5. Dua Lipa Love Again 7
=6. Radiohead Codex 6
=6. Taylor Swift, Bon Iver Exile 6
=6. Taylor Swift The Last Great American Dynasty 6
=6. Taylor Swift My Tears Ricochet 6
=6. Thom Yorke Dawn Chorus 6