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Visual refresh

Marijn van Hoorn
The new refreshed design of the garden.

Okay — i know i just did a boring meta post a few days ago. I know what this looks looks like. I hate bloggers who only ever seem to post about their own blogs as much as you do, dear reader, but just think of it this way: if i’d delayed the redesign, you wouldn’t get to see this rare, golden-crested double post in the wild!

Anyway, yes, i've done some tidying up. The main blog area is now nice and centred instead of being pushed to the side a bit. I wasn’t sure about making the change, but having it like this means that on longer, heavily-sidenoted posts, i can harness the power of two columns’ worth of sidenotes. Just look at the Christmas post:

Sidenotes alternate between different sides of the page.

Also, a tiny splash of colour has been added to the “Erebus” theme, to make it less boring (you can see how it looks in the main image at the top of this post), and the index page now shows the last four blog posts in all their splendour.

I think that’s about it for now. Here’s a good cat video.