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Stickers of Newcastle

Marijn van Hoorn
A pelican crossing pole covered in stickers.

The pelican crossings of Newcastle are fertile ground for people to plaster political and promotional stickers. I thought i’d take some photos of them for you.

Sticker with an extinction symbol reading “Extinction Rebellion”
Faded sticker reading “Westminster rule is killing the North”
“Westminster rule is killing the North”
Sticker with a rainbow reading “The NHS is not understaffed: Its poorly managed” Sticker reading “Is The English Establishment Institutionally Incompetent?” Sticker depicting a man putting a hammer and sickle in the bin reading “Anti-communist action” Sticker with the Angel of the North superimposed on top of the logo of the International Workers of the World, reading “Northumbria IWW: An injury to one is an injury to all” Sticker with the Three Arrows reading “Immigrants welcome, fascists fuck off”

This last one isn’t technically a sticker, but it made me smile, so i’m showing it to you anyway. 🙂

Laminated piece of green card stuck to a pole, with flowers drawn on it and reading “You matter”