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The Winter of Being Less Online

Marijn van Hoorn

So i’ve been giving that CGP Grey video, “Your Theme”, some thought. The concept of the video is that instead of a new year’s resolution, which is a specific goal, easy to miss, spread out over a year — a timespan so vast that on the human scale it might as well be forever — a better alternative is to set yourself a seasonalα theme, which is more like a general direction to guide your path of life towards. Say, if it were the Autumn of Reading, you might choose to read a book in your free time instead of doomscrolling on your computer, or spend your hard-earnt money at a bookstore instead of at a fast-food restaurant. (Or go to a library, and spend nothing at all!)

I’ve decided, then, that the winter of 12020–21 will be the Winter of Being Less Online. By “Less Online” i don’t mean that i’m going to cut all the Ethernet cables and smash my router into bits; instead i intend on giving myself an escape from the 24/7 cycle of outrage and clicks.

I would like to, if given the chance, take a walk in the woods rather than doomscrolling or idly browsing slot-machine-like apps on the toilet. I would like to reject being sucked into caring about the eccentric opinions of a stranger half the world away. And i am sick, sick to death, of always knowing that Someone Is Angry or Wrong on the Internet, of always knowing what some local state legislator in far-flung America thinks, of getting drawn into depressing arguments about all the ills of the world.

And so, this January, February, and (two-thirds of) March, i will be doing something about it, and whenever possible removing myself from those situations and placing myself in ones probably better for my mental health. Happy new year, all.