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One of the annoying parts about hosting The Garden on a static web host like Neocities is that there’s no convenient option for setting up a comments section without either locking me out of the data, invading your privacy, or making it a pain for you to submit comments without jumping through a few hoops. It can be easy to feel a bit lonely out here, as i’ve no way of knowing what any of my readers think about any particular post (unless they comment on the relevant Neocities profile update). So… i’ve decided to do an AMA.

You can ask me anything by shooting an email with your question (and your preferred name) over to! Once more for the people at the back, that’s—

Frivolous questions are welcome, and even preferred! Questions and answers will be collated in a post on here as well as the “ueqstions and anwsres” page on my website. I might not answer absolutely everything — sorry if i skip you over!