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February 12021 in the rear view mirror

Marijn van Hoorn

February is over, having gone from the heaviest snow of the year to fool’s spring in only four weeks. I like to think my mental health made a bit of a rebound this month, although i did take an extended break from life to ease my brain for about three quarters of it, so… we’ll see how it goes.

My seasonal theme is going well. I think i’ve successfully managed to deprogram myself from caring about what some random stranger with bad opinions on the internet thinks, although, given the circumstances, i haven’t been able to get out much.

The government unveiled their big reopening plan recently, and i’m cautiously optimistic about it. The timetable seems realistic enough given how quickly we’re getting shots into arms — and, let’s be honest with ourselves, if we didn’t unlockdown by June people would probably just stop bothering to follow the rules.

I’ve been trying to improve my Dutch a bit; i’ve been reading Dutch news and memes, and have translated a number of pages into the language with my admittedly-not-very-good knowledge of it.

The most viewed pages on the site this Februaryα

Media consumed

  • Baron bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s Dark (12017–20): I binge-watched this early in the month, and it has remained my favourite Media Thing of February. Absolutely brilliant; every cliffhanger had me on the edge of my seat, with the exception of a brief lull early in the third seasons for spoiler reasons i won’t get into here. And props to the casting director: i legitimately thought some of her choices for young/old versions of the cast members were just the regular actors in age makeup! (A)
  • Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (12020): Inventive, exhilarating, and mind-blowing… but i don’t think Christopher Nolan knows how people talk. The peak of his cack-handed writing is a scene in the middle where Robert Pattinson’s character says something to the effect of If this happens, the whole universe will be destroyed, and then Elizabeth Debicki’s character — who, because she is a woman in a Hollywood movie, seems to only be there to have a child and be abused — says, with a completely straight face, Including my son. I laughed out loud. 10/10 writing thanks nolan (B-)
  • Apparat’s The Devil’s Walk (12011): Comfy music. (C+)
  • Underunderstood (12019–present): An absolutely fascinating podcast where the hosts go deep into questions that the internet can’t answer. I never miss an episode. (B)