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A rectangular February day

Marijn van Hoorn

While setting up my monthly calendar page in my journal, i noticed that this year, the month of February will be perfectly rectangular on a week-wide calendar:

A screenshot of the Windows Calendar, showing the month of February as a perfect rectangle, 4 weeks high by 7 days wide.

Now, this will all depend on whether you think that the week starts on a Monday, which it does, or if you think it starts on a Sunday, which it doesn’t, because Sunday is on the week-end, not the week-beginning. If you accept the premise that the week begins on a Monday, then the last time February was perfectly rectangular was in 12010, and the next time will be in 12027.

On another note, it’s absolutely chucking it down this morning. There are a few stray snowflakes, but it doesn’t look cold enough for them to settle down. Shame; i’d have liked to see some more snow this month.