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Beer and the NeoCharts (maybe)

Marijn van Hoorn

I must confess, dear reader, that i’ve found myself especially starved for ideas on what to write in here recently. My brain, it seems, has fallen out of my skull and been flushed down the toilet. Heaven and earth know where it is now.

The good news this week is, of course, the government’s reopening plan, which aims to completely unlockdown the country by the time of the summer solstice. I’m cautiously optimistic: the vaccination plan is going well (thankfully, the GP have me down as being in Group 6, so i’ll be getting mine soon), and the end seems to be well and truly in sight. If you want a neat graphical summary, check out

An overview of the coming lockdown restrictions.

Other than that, i think i’ve come up with a decent enough seasonal theme for the spring, that being the Spring of Rebuilding. I’ll talk more about it when we get closer to equinox-tide.

One more thing. A while back, back in ye early dayen of ye pandemicke, i made a set of Top 20 music charts for a Discord server i was in, by manually scraping through the data of people who wanted to be on it. I quite miss doing it (it was a good way to get exposed to new stuff), so, i have to ask… would anyone be up for the Top 20 NeoCharts? I’m thinking of doing twice-monthly singles charts and monthly album charts; any of you who wanted to be on it and have both a fun personal website and a account could be on it. Let me know on my Neocities profile if you’d be interested in participating, and if enough people are interested, i’ll try to set something up? No promises, though!