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Site statistics for March 12021

Marijn van Hoorn

Ech, you’ll have to forgive me — i don’t have the energy to put together a full “rear view mirror” post with all the bells and whistles. Part of the problem is that i just didn’t consume much media this month, so there’s barely any material for me to put together a list.

I can try, though! I watched The Matrix, and, wow, it is very Y2K — and that ending shot was too goofy for me to take seriously, i’m sorry. Inception was good. Let’s call The Matrix a C and Inception a C+.

Anyway. I promised statistics, and here are the statistics for the month:

Top 10 most viewed pages on the site

  1. Index page: 430 views
  2. Linkroll: 125 views
  3. The author vemself: 122 views
  4. The Garden (index page): 60 views
  5. Music i like: 57 views
  6. What i believe: 46 views
  7. The log of changes: 46 views
  8. Yelling into the void: 36 views
  9. Toaster shade generator: 35 views
  10. The Gender Tetrahedron: 34 views

Top 5 most read entries on The Garden

  1. Backslashes aren’t real (and other Ascii weirdness): 9 views
  2. Our Christmas tradition: 7 views
  3. A jaunt around Holywell Dene: 6 views
  4. Three new themes: 6 views
  5. Vaccinated: 6 views

Top 5 countries where people are reading from

  1. The United States: 835 views (Mainly Californians, New Yorkers, and Floridians)
  2. The United Kingdom: 163 views
  3. Canada: 92 views
  4. Hong Kong: 91 views
  5. Germany: 56 views

Some assorted sites who linked to me

Unfortunately, my analytics provider doesn’t actually provide enough detail to make a proper ranked list, but here are a few assorted websites through which people found their way to mine, in no particular order. I’ve tried to link to the page which links to mine where possible.

The vast, vast majority of my incoming traffic, though, comes from the dashboards and indices of my generous hosts at Neocities, who have some rudimentary social functions. This is going to be a problem if i ever move out…