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Three new themes

Marijn van Hoorn
A screenshot of the blog post ‘Our Christmas tradition’, showing off the new themes

Rejoice! Three new themes have been added to the sidebar, because i’m a horrible and evil masochist who doesn’t mind having to maintain ten of the damned things.

First up is Hemera, a plain and simple light theme. All the other themes thus far have been rather… decorative, and i thought it might be nice to have an easy-on-the eyes companion of sorts to the Erebus theme.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Chaos, whose pure red-on-black colours are designed for viewing in very low-light conditions, like stargazing and late nights. Unfortunately, it relies on some fancy CSS trickery that doesn’t seem to work in Safari; Mac users, you’ll have to use another browser instead, and iOS users… you’re out of luck. Sorry about that.

Finally, Jason is a loving homage to the garish styles of the late ’90s and early ’00s internet. It’s named both after Jason the Argonaut and blogging pioneer Jason Kottke.

P.S: Ioan would like you all to know that the picture on the article screenshot at the top is ‘really funny because it’s cropped in such a way you can’t see the star on the tree is a massive dick’.