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Site statistics for April 2021

Marijn van Hoorn

’Twas a slow month for The Garden and the site in general this April; my life has been turned a little upside down over the past month and i’ve not had much time for blogging. (Not to mention that i’ve been preoccupied with setting up the new, fancier Wordpress version of this blog.) As with last month, since i didn’t really consume much media over the past thirty days, i’ll be skipping the media diet rundown and just providing you with some sweet statistics. Let’s get into it.

Top 10 most viewed pages on the site

  1. Index page: 269 views
  2. Linkroll: 100 views
  3. Toaster shade generator: 58 views
  4. The author themself: 52 views
  5. The gender tetrahedron: 40 views
  6. The Garden (index page): 38 views
  7. Music i like: 27 views
  8. What i believe: 26 views
  9. Toaster: 25 views
  10. My coat of arms: 23 views

Top 5 most read entries on The Garden

  1. Is Britain running out of Conservatives? [Clickbait]
  2. Krystal clear
  3. Joyous April
  4. Opa
  5. Drie nieuwe thema’s

Top 5 countries where people are reading from

  1. The United States: 427 views, mainly consisting of Floridians, Kentuckians, Californians, and Washingtonians
  2. The United Kingdom: 115 views, the vast majority from England
  3. Canada: 47 views
  4. Mexico: 47 views
  5. France: 44 views

The next five consist of a smattering of Swedes, Kiwis, Germans, Moroccans, and Dutchmen, not necessarily in that order.