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Marijn van Hoorn

My opa died last night.

He and Oma both caught the coronavirus. Only one of them made it.

He’d been having a spell of heart problems. He was on a lot of medication towards the end. I can only hope he went peacefully.

He teased me a lot. But i loved him nonetheless.

He had a model train set in the attic. I like to think i inherited the train nerdery from him, even if he wasn’t my biological grandfather.

I only got to see him every year or so, ever since i moved to the UK.

Well. Except last year.

I never even got to say goodbye.

Poor Oma, too… she’s had to bury two husbands.

His funeral will be streamed on Tuesday. I don’t know if i can bear to go. Part of me knows it’s not the same as a real funeral. Part of me knows i can’t bear to see everyone else’s sadness. But part me knows i’ll regret it in the future if i don’t.

I miss him a lot.