This’ll be on my videotape

Alright, here’s the deal. I wanted to put some videos on my linkroll, but, because video hosting is expensive and we have a monopoly run by the world’s largest advertising company, they were all hosted on, which would rather defeat the point of the whole endeavour.

So i’m putting them here instead, divided into two groups: channels which output consistently good work, and “important videos”, in the style of the dearly-missed playlist.

Quality channels

Jet Lag

Two teams race around the world to do silly challenges. Proper good content™, this!

Recommended videos:


Slickly edited videos about unsolved mysteries and, usually, their common-sense solutions.

Recommended videos:

Red Letter Media

Two to five hack frauds talk about moves and terrible videotapes and try to make each other laugh.

Recommended videos:

Todd in the Shadows

Reviews of pop music old and new, including one-hit wonders and the records that killed artists’ careers.

Recommended videos:

Important videos

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