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From the moment i first picked up an atlas at school, cartography has been a persistent and particular fascination of mine. It is the gateway to the world, the closest i’ll ever get to taking in the terrain of so many far-away lands for myself — either because i have but a century in this life and only so much money to spend, or because they never existed in the first place.

I’m not much for drawing, and can never make the time to practise. In writing i always mourn the inevitable dulling that occurs when one squeezes the vivid world of the imagination through the black lead of a pencil. Mapmaking, thus, is my chief artistic outlet, and i can only hope you enjoy the samples i’ve put forward here. Thank you for visiting.

Legend (naturally)

Our timeline Counterfactual
Not mine

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Looking at the Big Sky: Mars in 32 AA / 2080 CE

14,630×7030 px

This was meant to be a quick raster-based map i could knock out in a couple days to get to “the fun part” of the further future… reality conspired against me after switching from Windows to Linux and losing, alas.

Looking at the Big Sky: The World in 2025

3009×3279 px

I was trying to go for an “uncanny valley OTL” feeling with this one — where it’s almost recognisable, but not quite the world as we know it.

Paganism in England and Wales

3000×2000 px

After switching to Linux and finding the raster image editing situation absolutely dire, and always having wanted to pick some skills up, i’ve been trying to learn vector mapmaking. Here’s an early attempt.

England’s most spoken languages other than English

6000×4500 px

Pomeranian and neighbouring languages

1783×1063 px

This was to go with an old conlang of mine — really must revive it one of these days…

Earth in 2022 (for Overheaven)

NK_Ryzov, 2022
6710×6301 px

I’d been in a creative slump since the pandemic started, but this map, with its glorious attention to detail, optimistic tone, and ridiculously long lore doc gave me the kick up the bum to start worldbuilding again.

Indigocraft Railways

8192×8192 px

I have served as the “rail dictator” for a succession of creative Minecraft servers and, as part of my duties, also make maps for the traveller’s benefit.

The 118th U.S. House of Representatives

5608×3950 px


1802×878 px

A Wealth of Nations (for Atlas Altera)

Telamon Tabulicus, 2023
26,703×19,714 px
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