The Internet’s 100 Favourite Albums By 100 Favourite Artists

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This list is not a matter of my opinion. (If it were, there would be a lot less Aphex and a lot more XTC.) It is not a matter of critics’ opinions. It is a matter of the people’s opinion. I’ve taken the top ranked albums from over a dozen online music communities* in four languages and tried to combine them all into a definitive list of the modern music canon.

To cultivate diversity, each artist is only allowed one spot on the list (though it was bloody close for Pink Floyd). I’m fairly happy with how it turned out: the included projects span across eras, genres, races, and countries, from the best-selling album in history to a live album from an obscure Japanese dub group. I would rather there had been a few more women and a few more global artists, but that’s what the auxiliary lists at the bottom are for!

I’ll stop wasting your time now. From Abbey Road and Aphex to Ziggy and Zep, here are a hundred great albums by a hundred great artists:

10 More Great Albums…

…that didn’t quite make it

…of the ’10s and ’20s

…by women
and mixed-gender bands led by women

…from around the world no “Anglosphere”, no European Anglophones

← Back to home * Sources used: Rate Your Music, Acclaimed Music and its associated forum, Musicboard, Best Ever Albums, Sputnik Music, Album of the Year, /mu/’s introductory guides, /r/music polls, /r/indieheads, /r/electronicmusic, Musicmeter, Douban, and SensCritique.


  1. Xanthe says…

    I have spent a month on this big dumb project and i can finally call it finished. I’m free!

  2. xaco says…

    it makes sense that every single one is in english but i hope that's rectified in future (also, are the non-100 ones hand curated by u or also just a subset of the next few albums after the 100?)

  3. Xanthe says…

    Well, technically it’s only 98% as opposed to 100% — Ágætis byrjun is in Icelandic, and 98.12.28 Otokotachi no wakare is in Japanese.

    The bottom lists are indeed just a subset of the next few albums — though they might be a bit rough, since i haven’t yet managed to add every album ever made and the list on my spreadsheet gets very patchy after #100.

  4. Xanthe says…

    February 2023 update

    More sources, updated ratings and view counts, different weightings — hopefully this brings the list closer to its goal of a “canonical” list of albums.


    • Page renamed to “The Internet’s 100 Favourite Albums”, to better reflect what it actually is
    • These artists are now represented by different albums:

    - Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (2nd) → Wish You Were Here (2nd)

    - Björk’s Homogenic (43rd) → Vespertine (38th)

    - Prince’s Sign “☮︎” the Times (52nd) → Purple Rain (55th)

    - Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden (73nd) → Laughing Stock (78th)

    - Swans’ To Be Kind (84th) → Soundtracks for the Blind (88th)

    • These albums have dropped out of the top 100 (those with a † are still on one of the supplementary lists):

    - Pearl Jam’s Ten (81st)†

    - Love’s Forever Changes (89th)†

    - Gorillaz’ Demon Days (93rd)

    - Little Simz’s Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (96th)†

    - Brian Eno’s Another Green World (97th)

    - Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique (100th)†

    • These albums are have risen to the ranks of the top 100 (those with a † graduated from one of the supplementary lists):

    - Lô Borges and Milton Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina (74th)†

    - Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (77th)†

    - Megadeth’s Rust in Peace (81st)†

    - George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (85th)†

    - Slowdive’s Souvlaki (89th)†

    - Mobb Deep’s The Infamous (93rd)

    - Alice in Chains’s Dirt (100th)†

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