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Norman Rockwell’s famous “Freedom of Speech” painting, showing a man standing up and speaking
“The second Matrix film is better.”

Several pages on this site (including this one!) have a comments section at the bottom, with a janky little system i’ve bodged together to let you all roast me. (Fun fact: i never want to even see the letters PHP again.)

The rules

Be excellent to each other. That’s pretty much it. I trust you’re all normal enough not to hurl insults and spam at each other.

This isn’t really a rule rule, but i might edit your comment if it’s misspelt or all lowercase, solely because i’m a pedant and it annoys me.


Comments on the main site use a spinoff of the ubiquitous Markdown which i’ve decided to call Rubric. The basics:

  • Headings: # Header 1 (h1), ## Header 2 (h2), ### Header 3 (h3)…
  • Quotes: > Blockquote goes here
  • Lists: - A bullet-point list item, 1. A numbered list item
  • Spoilers: ~~~ Summary goes here (Start spoiler), ~~~ (End spoiler)
  • Bold: *Bold type* (b), **Strong type** (strong)
  • Italic: /Italic type/ (i, for text formatting), //Emphasised type// (em, for emphasis)
  • Hypertext: [ External links]
  • Miscellaneous: ~Small font~, ~~Strikethrough~~, ++Inserted text++, --Deleted text--, ^^Superscript^^, __Subscript__, ::Small caps::, `Verbatim code`, ---(Horizontal rule)

Secret word

The “secret word” works a bit like a trip code does on the more degenerate parts of the internet. Posts with a secret word have a little hash code — say, 2w8373gz — at the top, next to your name. That way, if you put the same secret word for all your comments, you can confirm that it’s really you (or at least the same person who’s been leaving all those other comments).

I’d like to use it to let people upload custom avatars one day, to replace the old email-based system — keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Xanthe says…
    2w8373gz the United Kingdom

    I’m only leaving this comment as a test, because it would be terribly embarrassing for the whole thing to break on the big demonstration page. :-)

  2. Xanthe says…
    2w8373gz the United Kingdom

    (And to preëmpt the inevitable comments from confused Neocities followers — i don’t actually host my site on there anymore, which is how i was able to hack this together! Static sites can only get you so far.)

    (Admittedly, learning PHP is a fate worse than death.)

  3. Slimy says…
    60hhkvw0 the United States

    Comment sectioners are the natural descendants of the wise medieval scholars who wrote into the margins of their books.

  4. Yukon Noel says…
    v1djqqx0 Canada

    What a lovely website you have :> This page is so homey and nice. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Seryndelle says…
    hnqxb5kh the United Kingdom

    I'm simply in love with your website! This might be my all-time favourite little cranny of the Web. :)

  6. KING says…
    f1btq8w4 the United States

    Sick site dude!! I'm in the middle of going through all your pages because they are all so cool. I live in Baltimore so imagine my shock when I saw the Orioles mentioned on your about me page lol. How 'bout them O's!!

  7. Nova says…
    15gnv10f the United States

    I used to follow your blog on neocities several years ago. I'm so happy to see your website again. It has become even more gorgeous since the last time I saw it.

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